1,500 US Troops Removed From Duty Over Biden’s Medical Experiments

1,500 US Troops Removed From Duty Over Biden's Medical Experiments

(RepublicanNews.org) – The US military is discharging troops during a time when many speculate the probability of a third World War. Why? Due to their refusal to take place in President Biden’s medical experiment. Will the madness ever end?

Recent reports indicate branches of the US military are dumping service members who have elected not to get the COVID-19 vaccine. These discharges directly result from Biden’s mandates, which force those serving in the military to get the shot.

Breitbart News reported that an estimated 1,480 troops are no longer US military members after their branches discharged them for failing to get inoculated. The breakdown of the released men and women doesn’t include the US Army.

According to the Breitbart report, the United States Marine Corps discharged around 873 service members. The US Navy discharged 419 sailors who refused to get vaccinated, while the US Air Force only discharged 188.

Of all the services aside from the Army, the Air Force appears to be the most willing to accept religious exemptions, with 17 granted so far. The Marines comes in second with only six exemptions approved, while the Navy has yet to grant even one. Thousands more wait to hear their fates. These numbers are likely to rise.

The discharges result from Biden mandating the vaccine for service members, threatening them with dismissal if they failed to get fully vaccinated by the deadline each branch set. These men and women are now losing their careers and jobs even as the White House, Pentagon, Washington, D.C. and other areas around the country have decided to drop their COVID-19 mandates.

Why are service members still subjected to these mandates if both Democrat and Republican lawmakers have already removed their COVID-19 restrictions? More importantly, will the federal government eventually realize why it’s wrong to impose them in the first place?

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