17 Audio Recordings Of Joe Biden Saved By Burisma Exec

(RepublicanNews.org) – In pay-for-play fashion, $10 million was allegedly paid to United States President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, by a Ukrainian oil executive during the President’s tenure as Vice President, according to sources familiar with a largely redacted FBI whistleblower document.

Referencing the document in question, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said this week it shows the FBI had knowledge of 17 audio recordings, made and kept as “insurance” by the Burisma executive who paid the Bidens should they ever end up in a “tight spot.”

According to Grassley, the 17 recordings contain 15 exchanges between the foreign national and Hunter Biden and 2 exchanges between them and the then Vice President. In a story with developing fluidity and according to sources familiar, the whistleblower behind the FBI FD-1023 form alleged in the document that $5 million went to each Biden as a retainer.

Following a subpoena of the document by House Oversight Committee Chairman, James Comer, the FBI allowed Comer and another Congressman to view the document privately in a “sensitive compartmented information facility” (SCIF). The FBI declined to release even a redacted version of the document to the committee but did allow them to briefly view it following a threat from Comer to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress. Reportedly, the portion of the document substantiating the audio recordings was not redacted.

In the latest back and forth between lawmakers and the agency, FBI Assistant Director Paul Abate was called before Senators and questioned about the agency’s unwillingness to both release and acknowledge the initial existence of the form. Senator Josh Hawley pointed out that Director Wray “initially said it doesn’t exist,” and did not admit it did in fact exist until Senator Grassley made public statements about having seen the document. Abate, despite admitting to the committee the document was not classified, declined to say if the FBI intended on releasing the document.

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