3 Ways the Pandemic Will Change the Face of Advertising in 2021

3 Ways the Pandemic Will Change the Face of Advertising in 2021

(RepublicanNews.org) – The coronavirus pandemic brought the American people the worst economic crisis since the 1930s Great Depression. The International Monetary Fund called the global financial meltdown a “crisis like no other” the world has ever seen. American businesses, big and small, felt the crushing weight of quarantines and other governmental restrictions, leading to a collapse as restaurants, retailers and other businesses were forced to shut down.

In the face of this economic downturn, advertising strategies have become key to the companies’ survival. Forbes discussed the challenges confronting advertising in 2021 with the coronavirus months from being contained.

Struggling with decreased budgets and pandemic restrictions, Forbes predicts virtual advertising coupled with the use of online influencers will rise in 2021. Continuing, it’s predicted advertising would increasingly turn to “we’re in this together themes,” pandemic-friendly ads in the form of branded PPE equipment and future streaming advertisements on so-called free video-conferencing platforms.

With December’s rollout of two vaccines, 2021 is quickly looking like the year the American economy gets back on track. However, like a large ship at sea, turning things around will take a lot of time and careful planning.

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