37 Arrests Made in Massive Sting Operation

37 Arrests Made in Massive Sting Operation

(RepublicanNews.org) – Law enforcement officials were busy this week in Texas. The Department of Justice (DOJ) reported the successful recovery of 31 Dallas-Fort Worth area children in a Wednesday, March 10 press release. The children were located as a part of a multi-jurisdictional investigation called “Operation Missing in the Metroplex.”

Similarly, the Amarillo Police Department announced the arrest of 37 individuals as part of an enforcement operation targeting human trafficking and prostitution operations.

A March 10 press release detailed the two-day operation that took place on March 5 to 6. The arrests included various charges ranging from human trafficking and prostitution to evading arrest, sexual assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, outstanding warrants and failure to identify.

Detectives conducted follow-up interviews with individuals arrested for charges related to prostitution as part of an effort to identify potential human trafficking victims. Detectives asked all the arrestees if they had any information regarding any underage victims.

Several investigations remain ongoing, and Amarillo police officials expect more arrests in the future.

The press release concluded, stating that human trafficking continues to be “a very real problem” in the area. The victims “deserve to be treated like human beings… not property.”

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