50 Cent Slams Democrat Policy In LA

(RepublicanNews.org) – 50 Cent, the chart-topping rapper and businessman who once endorsed Donald Trump for President, has slammed the city of Los Angeles for reinstituting a no-bail policy. The 48-year-old icon told his Instagram followers on July 6th that the City of Angels “is finished.”

“Watch how bad” the crime will get, he said. His post currently has 112,000 likes.

The hip-hop artist’s comments were referencing the fact that the Sheriff’s Department for L.A. County will no longer be detaining alleged criminals for theft, vandalism, battery, and narcotics use.

50’s post included a short from a television segment covering the ruling, which will eliminate bail for misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. The judge’s actions have been compared to New York City’s recent bail reforms.

During the pandemic, LA officials instituted a policy of no bail as a public health measure. Criminals behind bars for non-violent issues were released as a means of limiting viral transmissions and easing the burden of overcrowding.

The pandemic-era policy expired in July of last year. Judge Lawrence Riff reinstated the policy in May after ruling that cash bail was unconstitutional. A local outlet reported that prior to making the ruling the judge had asked prosecutors and officials from law enforcement to appear before him to argue in favor of cash bail. None of the relevant parties appeared before him, reported KTTV.

Judge Riff’s ruling is set to become effective on July 17th.

The District Attorney for northern California’s Yolo County recently published a study that found zero bail policies are “horrific” for overall public safety. DA Jeff Reisig said the number of people falling victim to violent crimes under a no-bail policy is “staggering.”

Cash bail is set by a schedule that is predetermined and is not based on someone’s ability to pay. Those unable to meet bail must either secure their bond through a second party like a bondsman or must remain in custody.

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