80-year-old Man Killed by Bike-Riding Gunman

(RepublicanNews.org) – The September 17th execution of a Bronx octogenarian by a cyclist dressed as a ninja may sound like a scene from a Cohen brothers film, but it happened and the man’s family are without answers. A motive in the bizarre and tragic case can only be speculated upon at the moment.

Were it not for streetside surveillance footage, the New York City Police Department could be forgiven for questioning witness accounts. Despite the footage existing and because no robbery appears to have taken place, detectives likely have more questions than answers.

What is known is that 80-year-old Marcelino Valerio and his wife had attended a family gathering on the night of September 16th. The couple left the party and were dropped off on a well-traveled Bronx street just after 1:00 a.m. about 10 blocks from their residence. After stepping onto the sidewalk, their path was crossed by a ninja-clad individual riding what appeared to be a fold-up bicycle.

The culprit, whose face was covered by a black mask, was wearing the same type of outfit one might see a youngster wearing at Halloween. After passing the couple without incident, the cyclist continued down the sidewalk about 100 feet before turning around and riding back up to the pair.

In one single motion and without stopping their bike, the murderer rides alongside Valerio, pulls out a handgun and puts two bullets in the innocent man for reasons unknown. About 15 seconds passed between the time the biker first passed the couple and the moment the trigger was first pulled.

Once the shots were fired, the suspect fled the scene. Surveillance footage shows Valerio’s wife and individuals from the car that dropped her and her husband off moving around the immediate area in a panicked state. Some reports are suggesting that the executioner was waiting for the couple to arrive and that the seemingly random act was planned in advance.

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