9/11 Suspects May Still Escape Death Penalty

(RepublicanNews.org) – In February 2015, Jordan’s King Abdullah II ordered the swift execution of two al Qaeda prisoners after members of ISIS in Syria burned a Jordanian pilot to death. The two prisoners had already been convicted on terrorism charges and the King reportedly saw no need for more litigation.

22 years after the deaths of 3,000 Americans, the five remaining orchestrators of 9/11 sit safely behind bars. They have not been executed and never will be if a Defense Department plea deal is agreed upon and finalized.

Though President Biden is reported to have rejected some of the terms of the latest proposal, the administration has made clear that the architects of 9/11 can still escape execution if they play ball.

In March of 2022, prosecutors with the Department of Defense (DOD) offered to take the death penalty off the table for the 9/11 conspirators in exchange for guilty pleas and confessions regarding their roles in the planning and execution of the attacks. The suspects would instead spend the remainder of their lives in custody.

In trade, the prisoners in question wanted a number of guarantees, including the assurances that they would not spend time in solitary confinement and that they would be allowed to pray, eat, and socialize with fellow inmates at Guantanamo Bay.

They also demanded access to civilian doctors. The ex-members of al Qaeda insisted that years of interrogation techniques used by the CIA to solicit information from them had caused sleep problems, brain ailments, and intestinal damage.

On August 1st, the Pentagon sent a collective letter to family members of 9/11 victims informing them of the possibility of a plea bargain. The letter was met with outrage and over 2,000 surviving family members signed off on their own letter of protest in response.

The government was obligated to go to trial “not only” for the sake of the “families,” but also for “the American public,” they said.

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