95% of US Drinking Water Contaminated

(RepublicanNews.org) – A major study conducted by academics at the University of New Mexico has found that 95% of America’s 332 million residents are routinely consuming water that contains highly toxic substances like uranium and arsenic. Another study released just one month prior to UNM’s data found “an alarming rise” of cancer diagnoses amongst young people.

Many would likely wonder if the two are correlated. Whether that is or is not the case, UNM researchers found that about 320 million U.S. citizens are being subjected to hazardous levels of various toxic chemicals in both well and utility-based water systems.

The study, which was published in a recent Nature piece, said the six most frequently found contaminants in question are arsenic, lead, uranium, nitrates, fracking-related fluids, and PFAS.

All are said to be associated with a range of cancers, as well as a host of neurological ailments and other maladies. According to the UNM data, arsenic was found in over half of utility-based water. The heavy metal is a confirmed carcinogen and can additionally destroy DNA, harm one’s immune system, elevate blood pressure, and cause heart disease.

Lead is generally found in water systems in low-income urban areas, and the toxin’s effects are nearly identical to those of arsenic. Another recent study from the Environmental Protection Agency found that there are at least 9 million leftover lead-based piping systems in the country that are still in use.

Uranium was found to be present in about half of the nation’s well water. The chemical occurs naturally and is not considered dangerous in small amounts. If it accumulates in one’s body, however, it can lead to a chorus of toxic outcomes.

Nitrates and fracking fluids were also discovered in water nationwide, albeit in smaller amounts than the other chemicals. Despite occurring less frequently, both are still toxic. PFAS, which are often referred to as “forever chemicals,” were found in the drinking water of some 80 million citizens.

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