A Mass Exodus of Teachers Is Coming, New Poll Shows

A Mass Exodus of Teachers Is Coming, New Poll Shows

(RepublicanNews.org) – The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed many US industries. While the education sector is no exception, the current teacher shortage may worsen significantly in the coming year. Data suggests many educators are contemplating abandoning the field.

Teachers are heading for the exits with other employment avenues available — many of which offer higher pay and more autonomy. Many know their departure will worsen ongoing problems within the sector but say they’re feeling overwhelmed.

A January National Education Association (NEA) poll tells the story of the teacher exodus in all of its worrisome glory. According to results, the number of teachers who intend to leave the job sooner than they initially expected skyrocketed after August 2021.

The NEA’s poll proves just how stressed these teachers really are. Teachers cite burnout, stress, feeling overworked and being overwhelmed as their core motivations. Respondents said they are seeing more people retire early or leave the profession altogether than ever before — and the pandemic seemed to be the tipping point.

There are other side effects, too. Job openings left unfilled by those who quit leave teachers who are still working with more responsibilities.

American schools are already severely short-staffed. The threat of even more teachers leaving poses a serious threat to the US education system in the future. What do you feel is the fix?

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