Actor James Woods Calls Out Mrs. Obama for Disturbing BLM Claim

Actor James Woods Calls Out Mrs. Obama for Disturbing BLM Claim

( – Award-winning actor James Woods shredded former First Lady Michelle Obama’s latest effort to promote Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign. Her nearly 30-minute “Closing Argument” campaign ad covered an exhaustive litany of Democratic talking points before focusing on the months of political and racial unrest plaguing Democratic-led cities.

Ms. Obama accused the president and his allies of “stoking fears about black and brown Americans.” A longtime Trump supporter, Woods posted the perfect response to Ms. Obama’s baseless claims.

The clip showed Black Lives Matter and Antifa demonstrators rioting and looting in a split-screen rendering. Ms. Obama talked about the “overwhelmingly peaceful movement” behind the recent demonstrations on one side of the clip. At the same time, fires rage and protesters can be seen looting buildings and destroying public property on the other side of the screen.

Recent estimates placed the economic damage from the riots somewhere between $1 to $2 billion — and rising. Social and racial unrest continue to plague Democratic-led cities. America needs real solutions, not a failed attempt to rewrite history from the former first lady.

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