Actor Jon Voight Wants America to Fight for Trump’s Victory

Actor Jon Voight Wants America to Fight for Trump's Victory

( – The entertainment industry is well-known for Liberals going back to the 1930s. Hollywood elites pump money into Democratic-led campaigns and causes and turn out to vote for progressives in numbers dwarfing other regions. However, a few influential voices have emerged in recent years, like legendary film-actor Jon Voight, a long-time supporter of Donald Trump.

He recently posted a video on his Twitter page calling for Americans of all colors and backgrounds to join the fight for President Trump’s victory in the 2020 election.

Prefaced with the simple words, “We know the truth,” his November 10 post explained America is in its greatest battle since the Civil War. Continuing, he explained it’s a fight between good and evil with the future of the country at stake.

Voight concluded his remarks calling on Americans not to back down, to fight as if it was “our last fight on earth.” It appears some noble Americans, like the Wayne County, Michigan, election officials, are doing just that through their efforts to block the certification of ballots there without a proper audit.

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