Air Force Systems Compromised, Pentagon Investigates

( – The U.S. Air Force has fallen prey to another massive security breach. The events took place across 17 defense department facilities and are being referred to by the Pentagon as a “critical compromise” of their communications infrastructure.

A tip from a contractor at Tennessee’s Arnold Air Force Base alleged that a 48-year-old civilian engineer based there was able to steal large amounts of sensitive radio equipment and access secure communications while on the job. The tip further alleged that both FBI and base administrator exchanges were nefariously accessed by the individual.

The employee in question was reportedly able to take advantage of loose security policies at the base and pilfered around $90,000 in government radios and electronics.

According to Forbes, the warrant that was issued following the tip said that witnesses told investigators they suspected the engineer was stealing and selling radio equipment.

They also said he worked strange hours, lied often, was arrogant, had problems with money, and displayed inappropriate behavior in the workplace. It was also learned that he had been reported twice before for “insider threat indicators.”

According to the suspect’s LinkedIn page, he has a long career working in cybersecurity and radio communications. The page also indicates he has knowledge of encryption used with government data.

Upon searching the engineer’s home authorities said they found software running live on his computer screen that contained the entire communications system for AARB. They also found a USB drive that held administrator passwords and system keys for computer systems and radio networks.

Law enforcement further noted that much of what they found in the suspect’s home was clearly marked as U.S. government property. The suspect has not been charged and is yet to be named.

In April, the FBI arrested Airman First Class Jack Teixeira on charges relating to espionage. Authorities said the airman used his security clearance to steal classified documents and post them online.

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