Airlines Screwing Everyday Americans After Being Bailed Out by Taxpayers

Airlines Used A DIRTY TRICK Against Americans

( – People weren’t sure what the future had in store for airlines at the start of the pandemic. Most assumed demand would eventually rise, but the pandemic tanked a long list of companies that lost record profits. Then came along the US government to save the day by bailing out the industry. But even after receiving funds, airlines seem to have forgotten where that money came from as they neglect their customers.

Data from FlightAware, a website that tracks flight delays and cancellations, shows airlines delaying thousands of flights in, to, or from the US. While statistics have improved, companies are still halting an incredibly high number of trips every single day. So, what gives?

Airlines are actually blaming demand for the cancellations, pointing to excessive bookings as a core reason for delays. With more people joyously buying tickets, overbooking has allegedly become an issue. But should travelers be forced to suffer because an airline fails to properly manage its seating?

Some companies say they are also suffering the effects of staffing shortages. The industry is currently suffering under the weight of a pilot shortage; airlines encouraged many to retire to avoid getting laid off during the pandemic. Other entities blame extreme weather instead.

It’s important to remember that the US government allocated $50 billion to the industry to keep airlines above water when they needed it most. Where did that money go if it wasn’t used to ensure people — especially pilots — kept their jobs?

The very same people who funded their bailout are now missing meetings, birthdays, and vacations due to the negligence of the airline industry. In what world is that fair?

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