Alan Dershowitz Says Big Tech Companies Are No Longer Platforms

Alan Dershowitz Says Big Tech Companies Are No Longer Platforms

( – Big tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been scurrying about the last week, increasing their efforts to throttle Conservative voices. Although censoring leading members of the American right isn’t anything new, now emboldened by recent developments, these companies upped the ante.

For instance, on January 7, Facebook suspended President Donald Trump’s account until an undisclosed date after the January 20 presidential inauguration ceremony. The following day, Twitter permanently suspended his page. In the meantime, Google, Apple, Instagram and Amazon targeted the conservative social media platform, Parler, eventually forcing it off the internet for an indeterminate time.

Former Harvard Law School professor and longtime Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz took to his podcast on January 8. He targeted Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, calling them “partisan political tools” for their ongoing efforts to prevent Conservatives from voicing their concerns regarding alleged voting irregularities and election fraud.

Continuing, Dershowitz explained none of the social media platforms should qualify as entities protected by the now-infamous Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which provides legal protection to big-tech companies.

Either way, it’s high time Congress heeds the president’s warnings and repeals all legal protections for companies censoring political speech, particularly that of the nation’s leader.

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