Alaska Mayor Forced to Resign After Accused of Going on Underage Sites

Alaska Mayor Forced to Resign After Accused of Going on Underage Sites

( – Anchorage, Alaska, is reeling in the wake of a flurry of shocking accusations surrounding two-term Democratic mayor and former state representative Ethan Avram Berkowitz. Sparks continue flying amid mounting controversy surrounding the future.

On Friday, October 9, local news anchor Maureen “Maria” Athens posted a video to her Facebook account accusing Berkowitz of posting inappropriate photographs on a website for underaged girls.

Berkowitz quickly followed up, denying the allegations. Things escalated later that evening when Athens posted a bare-bottomed photograph of the mayor calling on his wife to confirm his identity.

By the end of the day, Athens had been fired from her job and was later arrested for returning to the station, trespassing and reportedly assaulting her news station’s manager.

The Aftermath of the Shocking Allegations

Things continued boiling over the weekend on Athens’ Facebook page, and on Monday, October 12, Berkowitz (aged 58) issued a public apology for having an affair with Athens (41). The following day, he formally announced his resignation, which went into effect on Friday, October 16.

Berkowitz cited his “unacceptable personal conduct” with Athens as the reason for his resignation. He also apologized for his “consensual, inappropriate messaging relationship” with her. He continues to deny the allegations surrounding his conduct online on the girls’ website.

The FBI assisted local law enforcement in looking into the allegations against Berkowitz involving the underage website but announced there was no evidence supporting federal criminal charges at this time.

Athens faces state charges for disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and assault. She remains out on bail pending further criminal proceedings.

It’s bad enough that Democratic-led cities have been plagued with political and racial unrest leading to rioting and looting nationwide, but now this? Maybe it’s a good thing the elections are less than three weeks away.

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