Alec Baldwin Hopes Trump Gets Buried in “Nazi Graveyard”

Alec Baldwin Hopes Trump Gets Buried in

( – Hollywood film actor Alec Baldwin seems obsessed with Donald Trump and has been for years. He has spoofed the president on NBC’s Saturday Night Live since the debut of his role on the show in October 2016. He’s even co-written a fake Trump memoir mocking Trump’s first year in office.

Most recently, Baldwin’s dislike for the president took on a darker tone when his November 15 tweet suggested his burial in a Nazi cemetery along with a swastika marker. Notably, he used his charity foundation’s Twitter account, an organization he founded with his wife, Hilaria.

As one might expect, Twitter users were swift to respond with several comments appearing as deleted for violating Twitter’s rules. One has to wonder how Baldwin’s post avoided a similar fate considering its clear violation of Twitter’s published policy against hateful conduct.

Twitter, however, seems to spend most of its time these days, placing warning notices on President Trump’s tweets instead. It censored at least six posts on November 16 and several retweets. Perhaps it’s time for the president to make good on his promise to roll back legal protections for the social media giant.

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