Alligator Rescued After Storm

Alligator Rescued After Storm

( – Severe weather can leave more than just people trapped and needing help. At least humans can call out to rescuers, whereas the animals that get caught in a storm’s path must usually devise their own ways to safety. Thankfully for the gator in this story, that wasn’t the case.

Louis Fernandez and his friend Javier Alvarez were playing catch in a residential neighborhood in Westchester, Florida. Originally, the pair saw what they thought was a turtle trapped in a storm drain. However, they soon realized it was an alligator. After a few days, residents noticed the gator was still in the storm drain, prompting a call to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

After conservation officers arrived on the scene and assessed the situation, they determined the reptile was an estimated 8 to 11 feet long and appeared truly stuck. The Commission contacted the Miami-Dade County Public Works to come and flush the drain with water in hopes the alligator might free himself.

Ron Washington, a conservation officer, stated the Public Works came out and used pumps to push the water through the drain. The officer added that the water went into the positive outflow and flowed into the canal, allowing the gator to swim out.

Despite being unable to capture the gator, the commission considers the rescue a success. Washington said any day where no animals or people are hurt is a good day, adding it’s their priority to protect wildlife and public safety. The gator spent several days trapped in the storm drain, but thankfully some good Samaritans discovered it and supplied the help it needed.

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