Alternate Dimension? CNN Attacks DOJ

Alternate Dimension? CNN Attacks DOJ

( – Although it is still too early to tell if the legacy media is preparing to cue up a replacement for President Joe Biden, stories are beginning to surface that are critical of the First Family. In what would previously have been an unthinkable moment, CNN’s Jake Tapper finally conceded that former President Trump “was right” in his assertions that Hunter Biden had profited from overseas business deals.

Tapper further acknowledged that President Biden’s denial of those overseas deals “was wrong.” The CNN reporter referenced a past debate between the two heads of state in which President Trump said that Hunter Biden had “made a fortune” through ventures in Ukraine and China.

President Biden responded to Trump’s allegations by saying it was “simply not true.”

A media apparatus that could once only be counted on to ask the President what flavor of ice cream he was eating is now covering his family’s unfolding scandal at the Department of Justice. CNN’s Tapper is not alone in his recent critique of Biden. Elsewhere on the network, others are now asking about the ongoing saga at the Biden DOJ.

In a recent interview with Erica Hill, CNN’s senior legal analyst said that the DOJ’s handling of the Hunter Biden investigation is “inexplicable.” Elie Honig told Hill that he wanted to know why the agency engaged in a 5-year investigation in which “no action” was taken and why they have refused to be transparent.

Honig said he was “perplexed” and went on to question why AG Merrick Garland chose to appoint a special counsel to the case that had already “been presiding over” the investigation from the time it was first launched. The CNN analyst said the DOJ is in “a real mess” and that “consequences” are on the way.

U.S. Attorney David Weiss oversaw the investigation into the President’s son and was then appointed as the case’s special counsel after a plea agreement collapsed.

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