AMA Wants Taxpayers to Support Uterus Transplants

AMA Wants Taxpayers to Support Uterus Transplants

( – The lobbying group of medical professionals responsible for determining that the term “body mass index” was racist and exclusionary has taken the next step on their road to woke-ism. The AMA now wants American taxpayers to facilitate and foot the bill for experimental uterus implants in transgender people.

In a recent issue of the Journal of Ethics, the association acknowledged that the procedure has never been successfully performed on any males. Despite this statistic, it went on to say that “some clinicians” are of the opinion that there are no certainties that would prevent the “possibility” of a “successful” uterine transplant in biological men.

According to the journal’s language, “transwomen” can “plausibly justify subsidy” based on hypothetical grounds. The organization further said that an unwillingness to perform the procedure on desiring individuals could lead to a negative effect on their mental health through the manifestation of “psychological dissonance.”

Stories circulating in the media about the AMA’s proposed transplant policy quote price estimates of between $100,000 and $300,000. Those prices are sourced from the AMA’s June issue of the Journal of Ethics but are exclusive to uterine transplants in naturally-born females.

When reading beyond where those numbers are mentioned in the AMA article, one finds that the association admits that “no reliable estimates exist” for such a procedure in males. Because a successful UTx on a male has never been reported, they identify the proposed cost to taxpayers as “speculative.”

Outlets that are proponents of the trans-variant of a UTx have cited successful transplants, but are only able to do so for those performed on women. One of those outlets, Euro News, said that “hope” had been “ignited” among transwomen about the “possibility” of becoming pregnant.

This year, doctors with the University of Alabama began offering transplants to hysterectomy patients and women born lacking a womb. Men did not qualify.

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