Amazon Prepares to Hire 250k Workers for Holiday Season

( – How powerful is Amazon? That would depend on the yardstick one uses to measure power. If your qualifier happens to be a company’s temporary hiring ability, then you will likely find their upcoming holiday plans shocking.

The dominator of the e-commerce market has announced their intention of bringing on one-quarter million new employees just to manage their Christmas in and out-flows. According to their announcement, the average hourly rate for temporary hires will come in at $20.50. Some locations are said to be offering as much as $28 in hourly compensation.

Transportation and packing gigs in both part and full-time capacity are up for grabs to the potential willing worker. John Felton, a top executive with the outfit, said that those who end up staying on with the company after the holiday season rush can be assured of a 13% pay increase over a three-year period.

The executive reminded prospects that Amazon also offers upfront college tuition reimbursement and healthcare coverage from the first day of employment. Outside those reported benefits, conservatives would likely appreciate knowing that before going to work for the company the business reimburses employees for certain expenses related to the termination of their pregnancies. Travel costs incurred by an abortion are reimbursable by up to $4,000.

Amazon’s holiday hiring announcement follows its post-pandemic draw-down in employees. In the first half of 2023, the company gave pink slips to about 27,000 workers. Despite those nearly 30,000 layoffs, the business has grown by leaps and bounds. Over the last five years, they have added more than 800,000 workers. If one adds this year’s holiday uptick to that amount, that number rises above 1 million.

While stats for 2023 have yet to come out, in 2022, the behemoth acquired 37.8% of the e-commerce market in the United States. Walmart, Amazon’s closest competitor, only snagged 6.3% of the market.

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