Ambulance Driver Charged With a DUI

Ambulance Driver Charged With a DUI

( – EMTs and ambulance drivers remain among the few people the average citizen feels they can truly trust. After all, these individuals work hard to get patients to the hospital quickly and safely, sometimes even saving lives. Yet, as the arrest of one ambulance driver shows, there are a few “rotten eggs” in virtually every industry.

Georgia State Police say 34-year-old Kevin McCorvey was transporting 66-year-old Wilton Thomason Jr. to a hospital in Fairburn, GA, just before 7:30 p.m. when the vehicle rolled into a ditch. McCorvey allegedly failed to stay in his lane, causing him to travel onto the shoulder, where he eventually overturned the ambulance into the ditch.

The patient, from nearby Atlanta, suffered fatal injuries in the accident.

The Fairburn Police Department, who responded to the call, say they called the state to conduct a field sobriety test shortly after arrival. McCorvey failed the test and admitted to smoking marijuana, taking Adderall, and drinking a beer while operating the ambulance.

The Police Report

The Fairburn Police report indicates that when officers arrived on the scene, witnesses had provided a ladder and were helping the workers attempt to climb through the ambulance’s back door. The responding officer made contact with McCorvey and his coworker; both indicated that they were okay, but they had been transporting a dialysis patient. The officer smashed the glass and helped the second employee out of the ambulance; McCorvey climbed out of a window.

The same officer immediately saw McCorvey performing chest compressions on the patient, who told him the unidentified man was in cardiac arrest. Another first responder pronounced the 66-year-old dead at the scene a short time later.

Fairburn Police claim both McCorvey and the second employee attempted to call an Uber to escape the scene. Police stopped them from leaving, noting that McCorvey’s breath stank of alcohol

Police allowed the private ambulance company owner to pick up the second employee and leave the scene. Authorities haven’t filed any charges against that individual.

McCorvey appeared in the Fulton County Superior Court on November 15. A judge found probable cause to detain him, ruling that McCorvey be held without bail due to the nature of his charges and the danger he posed to the community. The court charged McCorvey with driving under the influence, second-degree vehicular homicide, failing to maintain lanes, and possessing an open container.

Don’t Drink and Drive

McCorvey’s actions were especially unconscionable; it was his job to ensure the patient’s safety from point A to point B. Yet, he’s far from the only one to commit such crimes. Statistics show that someone dies as a result of drunk driving around once every 48 minutes in the United States. Nearly 30 people die as a result every single day.

Those numbers might sound terrifying, but the good news is that drunk driving remains one of the most preventable crimes. You can do your part by reporting suspected intoxicated drivers to local authorities while ensuring you always have a safe way home when you opt to indulge. You might just save a life!

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