American Hostage Deaths Confirmed

( – The bodies of a pair of Israeli-American dual citizens who were presumably snatched up by Hamas terrorists during their October 7th incursion into Israel have been found by a search and rescue team near the Gaza border. It is not yet known if their captors killed the grandmother-granddaughter duo on the spot or if they had already been injured and were abandoned while en route to the Palestinian enclave.

A third and less likely scenario calls for the possibility that the pair had indeed been successfully smuggled into Gaza as hostages but were later murdered after the fact. Carmela Dan, whose family considered her to be its 80-year-old matriarch, and Noya, her 12-year-old granddaughter, were found burned beyond recognition on October 18th.

Their identities were only confirmed after authorities conducted an autopsy the following day. At the time of their presumed kidnapping on October 7th, Noya, her father and two of her siblings were visiting Carmela at her kibbutz. The quintet reportedly took refuge in a safe room while terrorists stormed the grandmother’s home.

While inside the reinforced room, they were said to have been in communication with Noya’s mother, who was at another kibbutz some five miles away. Texts eventually stopped coming and the group’s fate was unknown until a video was eventually released to social media showing Noya’s brother being dragged away by agents of Hamas.

Most outlets are assuming that Noya’s father and two brothers are among the 200+ hostages currently being held in the Gaza Strip. Noya’s capture received more notoriety than some. J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter’s billionaire author, tweeted a picture of the 12-year-old dressed up in a movie-themed costume.

In her tweet, which was viewed almost 27 million times, Rowling called for the release of both Noya and all of Hamas’ remaining hostages. It was posted to Twitter about two days before Noya’s charred body was found alongside that of her grandmother.

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