Americans Are Asking for Relief to Pay for Thanksgiving

Americans Are Asking for Relief to Pay for Thanksgiving

( – With the price of gas, food, and essentials increasing exponentially, many Americans struggle to cover living expenses. The financial strain recently prompted several people to call on President Biden to back another round of stimulus checks.

Twitter users jumped on the idea of an additional $2,000 payment from the federal government. While Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments are being issued to qualifying families, that money can’t and won’t go to everyone. Many people still need help.

Supply chain issues and increased costs as the holiday season begins complicate the problem even further. People will spend more money just putting dinner on the table for family celebrations than they have in decades. Ultimately, inflation hurts everyone, not just families with children.

One childless Twitter user said the past two years have been especially rough, and nothing the Biden administration is doing is helping her.

Another user said everyone in her family could use another stimulus because they are all “struggling to live.”

But is a fourth stimulus check really the answer?

A group of Democratic senators and representatives say the answer is yes. They’re pushing for recurring payouts of $2,000. They hope to boost the economy and provide relief from the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Biden administration has yet to speak out against more payouts. Still, they haven’t exactly supported the idea, either. With the economy slowly starting to heal, it is unlikely Americans will ever see a fourth check.

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