Americans Are Paying to Subsidize Ukraine’s Economy

( – According to the latest numbers, American taxpayers have been bankrolling far more than just the Ukrainian military in what many view to be a NATO proxy war against Russia.

Of the over $70 billion in U.S. aid thrown at the conflict, billions of that total have been handed out in farming and small business subsidies. The Eastern European nation known for its immense internal corruption problems has also reportedly been using a portion of its American aid to prop up its force of first responders.

It would appear that many stateside voters are becoming weary of the conflict, with a recent poll from Fox News showing that 56% of Republicans feel their government should lessen the amount of funding they are providing to President Zelenskyy. Before saying that statistic is unique to conservatives, readers should be aware that a CNN poll asking the same question showed 55% of the network’s respondents saying the same thing.

The Ukrainian President’s recent arrival in our nation’s capital to request even more money has been met by what appears to be a large amount of stiff resistance from legislators. Zelenskyy’s $24 billion plea has been met with varying opinions, with some lawmakers seeking to cut off funding altogether and some only wanting additional oversight as to how the Ukrainian leader divvies out those funds.

According to the latest 60 Minutes report, only $43 billion of the $70 billion so far provided to Ukraine has been spent on military aid. The remainder has gone towards propping up the Ukrainian economy. Critics of those expenditures point out that the U.S. government has done little to address its own internal social and economic problems.

A June report from the same network that produced the recent 60 Minutes episode said that 421,000 Americans were homeless in 2022. Coupled with this statistic are reports that say taxpayers are funding all 57,000 of Ukraine’s first responders.

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