Americans May Be Set to Face Another Round of Supply Chain Shortages

( – Once the pandemic set in, consumers were finally exposed to the flaws behind globalism’s just-in-time delivery systems. While the more self-sufficient among us already knew that grocery stores tend to have only about three days of excess product on hand, the rest of the population was made fully aware when suddenly confronted with endless aisles of bare shelving.

Although shelves appear to be largely restocked, a number of post-pandemic supply chain kinks have reminded everyone of how fragile our delivery structure is. Bare shelving is likely to rear its ugly face to the American consumer again.

A 2022 baby formula shortage was severe enough to force mothers across the country to engage in what many deemed to be unsafe feeding practices. Empty shelves led parents to use watered-down, expired, and even homemade formula. So-called breast milk-sharing groups also began popping up nationwide.

The groups allowed mothers to meet the nutritional needs of their babies and to sell their own pumped milk for a “donation fee.” The nationwide formula shortage was due in large part to the shutdown of production facilities by the FDA, but it reminded parents that naked shelving and desperations were only one mistake away.

While prescription manufacturers are obligated to notify the government of any shortages, they are not required to disclose the reasoning behind those shortages. Reasons aside, the delivery chain from manufacturer to consumer is damaged.

6 million American schoolchildren alone are dependent on prescription stimulants for their diagnoses of ADHD. Adderall remains in short supply, and the story is no different for its generic substitutes. As the 2023 school year kicks off, millions of blameless children are faced with the possibility of an uncomfortable withdrawal from the powerful stimulant.

Ukraine, which is historically referred to as the world’s breadbasket, faces an ongoing stalemate with its grain exports. The effects of NATO’s proxy war will soon trickle down to your local grocer.

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