America’s Fake Governor Faces DISASTER Before Midterms

Stacey Abrams Not Polling Well in Her Governor Race

Stacey Abrams Not Polling Well in Her Governor Race

( – Stacey Abrams was the Democrats’ great hope for Georgia. In 2018 she came within 2% of taking the governor’s job from incumbent Brian Kemp (R). After Georgia Dems’ strong performance in 2020, many people expected her to achieve that goal this year. However, with November’s elections drawing closer, Abrams seems to be running out of steam.

A new poll for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is bad news for Abrams’s electoral hopes. Just a week ago, surveys showed Abrams and Kemp almost neck and neck in the gubernatorial race, with Kemp leading by just two points. However, the latest one puts Kemp a solid eight points ahead, with his support pushing past the vital 50% mark. Significantly, Abrams is polling worse than she did in 2018, when Kemp won by less than 2% — and Abrams controversially refused to concede.

Another worry for the challenger is that a new study of polling data shows the University of Georgia School of Public Affairs seems to have a pro-Democrat bias in the way it analyzes poll results, overestimating the Left’s performance by a small margin. That means Abrams could be trailing even further behind as independents drift away from her.

There’s still time for her to turn things around, but that’s looking less likely. If she loses again, will she finally admit defeat?

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