Amtrak Cancels Long-Distance Trips

Amtrak Cancels Long-Distance Trips

Travel CANCELLED – Shocking Cancellation Order!

( – Punishing schedules sent many rail workers over the edge, leading to the potential for a strike. Such a move would’ve severely crippled US supply chains, which have yet to fully recover from the pandemic, significantly impacting the economy. As unions and freight companies battled it out, Amtrak decided to cancel long-distance train rides in anticipation of what was to come. Thankfully, unions and railways have reached an agreement. At least for now.

Anticipating the Worst

Amtrak decided to cancel long-distance trains beginning on September 15 in anticipation of the potential rail worker strike. None of the company’s own employees are part of the fateful work stoppage. However, nearly all of the track Amtrak operates on is owned by third-party freight railroads such as Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, BNSF, and Berkshire Hathaway, which also maintain the routes.

The Strike

Three unions representing more than 60,000 workers gave railroad companies until a single minute after midnight on September 15 to come to a deal, or they were going to strike and cause a potentially catastrophic situation in the US. Many of the angered workers expressed their dismay over the unforgiving and punishing schedules they endured working for the railways. Some complained the job was beginning to take over their personal lives.

Luckily for the rest of America, Biden’s administration secured a tentative compromise to prevent the strike, and not a second too soon. The work halt was only hours away from causing chaos in the US. However, while the strike may not be taking place, it’s only for now. Unions haven’t ratified the deal, meaning the suspension of services could still come to fruition in the future.

The agreement took almost an entire day to reach, with negotiations lasting at least 20 hours. Railway workers have agreed to not strike for the next several weeks as votes will be tallied to determine the next course of action. If employees ratify the deal, their earnings are expected to climb to 24% by 2024, which includes an immediate 14% raise.

Amtrak has been working at every step to keep travelers in the loop. The company had initially decided to cancel its bookings but has since begun discussing plans to get back to business as usual. US supply chains and the economy are safe for now, but this roadblock was a little close for comfort and the future of the railways are not certain. Workers could still reject the agreement and strike.

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