Analyst Challenges Reasons for McConnell’s Incidents

( – Individuals who don’t think Senator Mitch McConnell is suffering from an acute medical condition are proving to be few and far between. Jonathan Reiner, an MD and medical analyst on CNN, is the latest personality to suggest that McConnell’s recent and increasing number of on-camera freezes is related to a neurological malady.

During an appearance with anchor Erin Burnett, Reiner gave his critique of an August 30th post-examination report of McConnell by the Attending Physician on Capitol Hill. Dr. Brian Monahan concurred with statements from McConnell’s office that there is and was nothing wrong with the senator.

Reiner’s own analysis of the Republican’s temporary paralysis led him to say that the instances were consistent with “a focal seizure.” He did not directly discount Dr. Monahan’s conclusions but instead told viewers to “read between the lines” of his report.

Monahan told McConnell there was “no evidence” that the senator was suffering from a “seizure disorder” or other similar neurological issues. Reiner pointed out that the testing that was administered would only have detected a seizure had one been active in the senator’s brain at the time of the examination.

The CNN MD further told viewers that the EEG scan Monahan performed on McConnell only works as an identifier of epilepsy “about half the time.” He went on to say that although he is “not accustomed” to agreeing with Senator Rand Paul, he does concur with the Kentucky legislator’s opinion that McConnell is not dealing with dehydration.

The Republican practiced medicine for decades before taking a seat in the Senate and told reporters on September 5th that McConnell’s freezes appear to be a “neurological event.” He went on to clarify that a related diagnosis would not necessarily be “incapacitating.”

McConnell, who is 81, suffered from two separate freezing incidents in front of reporters in a span of five weeks. Videos of the incidents can be seen here and here.

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