Anderson Cooper Shreds Any Semblance of Journalistic Integrity

Anderson Cooper Shreds Any Semblance of Journalistic Integrity

( – Fireworks erupted between CNN‘s Anderson Cooper and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell during a Tuesday, August 18, 2020, interview about a possible treatment for COVID-19.

The subject of the interview was oleandrin, a plant-based extract that Lindell has been pushing as a possible miracle-cure for the novel coronavirus. Lindell met with President Trump in July 2020 to discuss the future use of the drug along with retired neurosurgeon and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.

Lindell, who has a financial stake in Phoenix Biotechnology, the company that makes oleandrin, told Axios that the President thought that “The FDA should be approving it.”

There are questions regarding the use of oleandrin. For example, there are no published or peer-reviewed studies testing its use to treat the coronavirus in human or animal hosts. Additionally, the United States Army halted preliminary testing on the extract, citing “inconclusive” results.

However, Cooper’s conduct during the interview violated every journalistic ethical standard.

Cooper Tosses Journalistic Ethics Out the Window

It was clear from the start of the interview that Cooper was gunning for Lindell. After welcoming him to the program, Cooper immediately went on the offensive accusing Lindell of attempting to profit financially from oleandrin’s sale.

Continuing the interview, Anderson pointed out the absence of any peer-reviewed studies of the drug. Lindell insisted that there was a study, but was unable to provide enough details to satisfy Anderson.

Cooper went on to claim that the makers of oleandrin only partnered with Lindell because of his close relationship with President Trump, asking him, “How do you sleep at night?”

Things went downhill from there with Cooper trashing Lindell over a lawsuit he settled in California regarding MyPillow and his rating from Minnesota’s Better Business Bureau.

At one point, Cooper said that by promoting oleandrin, Lindell was “pushing” a “toxic and deadly” product. He also accused Lindell of acting like “a snake oil salesman” multiple times.

For his part, Lindell maintained his composure, telling Cooper that “I’m going to pray for you.” However, Cooper kept up the attack until the bitter end.

You can watch some of the fireworks in the clip, below.

Journalists are supposed to respect the basic principles of fairness, impartiality, and objectivity. It’s time for Americans to rise up and hold journalists accountable who flagrantly disregard those standards.

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