Anderson Cooper Suggests Trump Has “Underlying Condition”

Anderson Cooper Suggests Trump Has

( – Once again, CNN’s Anderson Cooper threw objectivity and fairness out the window, opting instead to lob insults at President Donald Trump. One would think amid a national crisis, an ethical journalist might consider placing the country over his or her politics. Journalistic ethics — or a lack of them — appear to be where the problem might lie.

So here’s what happened: President Trump addressed the COVID-19 pandemic during an Ohio campaign rally on Monday, Sept. 21. Wanting to calm his audience, he reminded them that the elderly and people with preexisting medical conditions were most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Well, those remarks appeared to trigger a meltdown in Cooper. He spent several minutes ranting about the president before resorting to childish comments about the president’s so-called “obesity” and age.

What Cooper failed to mention, however, was the fact Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden is roughly three-and-a-half years older than Trump. But then, Cooper seems to conveniently forget many things about Biden — like his ties to China and Ukraine, his slew of embarrassing gaffes — you get the point.

At one time, in the not-so-distant past, a newsman (Walter Cronkite) was considered “the most trusted man in America.” It appears those days are over with the likes of Cooper hosting a show on CNN for more than 17 years.

Perhaps the president was correct when he suggested new legislation holding the media accountable for their lies.

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