Andrew Cuomo Denies Allegations Made Against Him

Andrew Cuomo Denies Allegations Made Against Him

( – The Me Too movement (or #MeToo in online circles) took second place amid a year of nationwide protests and riots at the hands of Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa members. It focused on the experiences of survivors of sexual violence and harassment.

New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo stands accused of making inappropriate comments about a former aide regarding her appearance. Katrina Pierson, a senior aide to President Donald Trump, invoked the #MeToo hashtag when she posted a link on Twitter to an article about the allegation on December 14.

Lindsey Boylan, his accuser, posted about the incident on her own Twitter account the day before, writing that Cuomo “harassed” her for years, adding that several people witnessed his conduct. Concluding, she said she detested men like Cuomo who abused their power.

Liberals proudly proclaimed from the outset of the Me Too Movement that women who make allegations against powerful men should be believed until authorities get to the bottom of their claims. Let’s hope they remain faithful to that call now that a leading lefty-liberal is the subject of a harassment complaint.

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