Anthony Fauci Says He Would Resign if Trump Were Re-elected

Anthony Fauci Says He Would Resign if Trump Were Re-elected

Fauci Will Quit Under One Condition

The longstanding rivalry between former President Donald J. Trump and top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci remains fiercely intact. The pair continue to indirectly duke it via the media over everything from COVID-19 to vaccines. However, there are now signs that the duel could end in 2024 if the former president manages to retake the White House.

Fauci discussed his plans for the uncertain future with CNN’s Jim Acosta on May 15. Acosta asked the doctor whether he would agree to again serve under the Trump administration should the GOP leader win.

Laughing slightly, the infectious disease expert quickly responded, “Well… no.”

Dr. Fauci then said that “history will speak for itself,” and that the previous administration’s response was neither as good nor as efficient as it could’ve been. He called Biden’s successful bid for the presidency “liberating,” explaining that the DNC leader re-granted him the ability to talk freely and let the science speak.

Fauci also clarified that he disliked being forced to contradict the president in his official capacity. That may be part of the reason he wouldn’t want to work under Trump again.

The former president’s supporters will likely find comfort in Fauci’s intention to resign in the wake of a Trump win. However, those who support the infectious disease expert may find themselves grieving a loss in 2024. Trump isn’t likely to miss him at all.

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