Anti-Woke Twitter Account Gets Doxxed by Angry Leftists — But They Can’t Silence Her

Anti-Woke Twitter Account Gets Doxxed by Angry Leftists -- But They Can't Silence Her

( – Journalist Taylor Lorenz penned a recent hit piece in the Washington Post that took aim at a private citizen and shared intimate details about her life. Her target? The creator of the popular social media account @LibsOfTikTok, a well-known right-leaning commentary account. That individual recently joined Tucker Carlson of Fox News by phone to discuss the situation.

Being Exposed

Lorenz’s article detailed both the name of the @LibsofTikTok Twitter account creator and how they’ve become a centerpiece for conservative media. But the journalist didn’t just expose who was behind the account — she even disclosed her home address.

Lorenz apparently found the account holder’s information by tracking down her real estate license. The journalist even dared to visit the person’s relatives at home.

Lorenz was perhaps hoping to silence the creator by threatening to release her true identity to the public. But the person who spearheaded Libs of TikTok kept her name off the account for a reason; if they wanted people to know who they were, they would have shared that info.

During the call, Carlson asked the Libs of TikTok creator whether they were surprised to learn that Lorenz wrote the article only weeks after she herself just talked about suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in the wake of online bullying. The creator said it added a level of humor to everything, calling the journalist a hypocrite.

The Washington Post has defended Lorenz. Its editors called her a diligent journalist and all but outwardly praised her for the piece.

Never Gonna Happen

Carlson also asked the creator why Lorenz would take such an action. Her response was simple: It was an attempt to intimidate the account into silence. The victim dismissed the idea, saying it wasn’t going to work and wouldn’t ever work in the future. The account has remained relatively active despite the ongoing publicity struggle.

On the Run

While the Libs of TikTok owner may not necessarily be on the run, she did mention how the problem forced her to make rapid travel plans. The past few days have apparently been chaotic for her and her loved ones, but she and her team are now holed up where no one can find them. How sad is it that a person has to leave their home because of the Left?

Target Acquired

Lorenz obviously targeted @LibsofTikTok for some reason. Perhaps it was the fact they regularly posted videos of controversial topics regarding liberals, namely those portraying transgender people. In one video, as Carlson points out, a school teacher boasts about her lesson plans — a hot topic among parents and conservatives who feel there’s no need to teach children that young about sex or “alternative genders.”

Carlson also drew attention to another video that showed a teacher yelling at a student for improper mask use. He explained that Libs of TikTok reshares videos made by other creators that were already available to the public.

Are liberals really that ashamed of their own actions? If that’s the case, then why do they continue to behave that way? They must realize how they look, at least to some extent. Otherwise, they wouldn’t feel the need to hide their actions.

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