AOC Gets Between MTG and Jamaal Bowman During Argument

( – Elite college graduate turned Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) turned back to her bartending experience on May 17th to intervene in a dispute between two colleagues.

While shouting “She ain’t worth it, bro,” Ocasio-Cortez put herself between fellow Democrat Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and conservative firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Bowman and Taylor Greene were arguing outside the steps of the Capitol building. 

The subject? Disgraced Republican George Santos (D-NY). The freshman Republican from New York is under fire from within his party and from the left after telling a string of lies about his past in an apparent attempt to impress voters. Santos claimed to have graduated from colleges that he did not attend, and that he was descended from holocaust survivors, among other lies. 

Jamaal Bowman, no stranger to verbal altercations, yelled at Greene to “save [your] party” and “expel him.” Greene reacted to Brown’s concern for the legitimacy of the Republican party by inviting him to expel President Joe Biden to “save the country.”

Greene then repeatedly yelled, “Impeach Biden!”

After the altercation, Greene said Bowman called her a “white supremacist,” which she said was the equivalent of a white person calling a black person “the n-word”.

Bowman is known for his strident tone and frequently raises his voice during his testimony in the U.S. House. What his supporters call “passionate” behavior strikes others as abusive. 

The back and forth between Greene and Bowman continued for several minutes, with each trading barbs like they were in a street rap battle. Bowman yelled at Greene to get rid of “Q-Anon,” an alleged conspiracy group of what some call the “radical right.” Greene shot back that the cable news channel CNN had to go. 

In true street style, Ocasio-Cortez showed up near the end of the altercation to repeat, “She ain’t worth it bro, she ain’t worth it.” It is not clear which member of the Republican party might have been “worth it.”

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