Apple Store May Start Taking Tips Now

( – Employees from Apple’s first unionized store in Maryland are proposing a policy change to allow customers the option to tip employees when they purchase items, Bloomberg reported.

Under Apple’s current company policy, an employee will be fired for accepting a tip.

But the employee union, the Coalition of Organized Retail Employees (CORE), which was first organized by Apple employees from the Towson, Maryland location in 2022, is currently in talks with Apple to provide a tipping system at checkout that prompts customers who by credit card to add a 3 percent, 5 percent, or a custom tip amount to the bill, or to not leave a tip at all.

The tips would be made available to all employees on every transaction.

In a Twitter thread last Thursday, CORE explained its tipping scheme, arguing that the union does not view it as a “major way of generating income.” Instead, the plan is to “create an acceptable system” to enable customers to “reward our team for their hard work.”

CORE noted that customers regularly offer to tip employees at Apple stores everywhere, but if they accept even a dollar, “it would be grounds for immediate termination.” The union argued that offering a tipping option on the bill would give customers the “means to thank Apple employees for their assistance.”

In addition to its tip proposal, CORE is also asking for a 10 percent pay hike and extending bereavement leave from ten days to a staggering 45 days a year. The unionized workers even want bereavement leave for the death of a close friend or pet.

CORE is also asking that unionized workers receive more paid holiday and vacation days. The union is also asking that those working over 40 hours a week be paid double instead of time-and-a-half.

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