Arizona AG to Sue Biden Over COVID-19 Mandates

Arizona AG to Sue Biden Over COVID 19 Mandates

( – The Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccination mandates certainly are frustrating to some people. Some GOP governors have voiced their opposition, and others have even taken steps to push back against the mandates. The Arizona Attorney General (AG) is taking the fight a step further and going after the Biden administration in a legal battle.

President Biden’s vaccine mandate will impact all federal employees and private businesses with over 100 employees by forcing them to either vaccinate, test weekly while maintaining masking and social distancing protocols or face termination. Some of these people have likely spent over a decade at their job and might risk losing their jobs if they don’t take the inoculation. Some believe the mandate violates the Constitution, citing states’ rights, individual freedom and the right to choose.

Republicans deem Biden’s move an overreach of executive power, but Arizona AG Mark Brnovich is the first to sue the administration for its policy. In a statement, the AG noted that the federal government doesn’t have the power to force people into taking vaccines. Brnovich also claims Biden is disregarding US law to advance a radical agenda.

Many feel the AG’s case is even stronger because it targets the government’s intention to force US citizens to take the vaccine while ignoring the vaccination status of those entering the country illegally. Even when authorities release illegal aliens, some of whom are known to be COVID-19 positive, into the US, they still aren’t required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Arizona argues the US government disregards the rights of Americans while respecting the rights of illegals. Brnovich’s case clearly highlights the Biden administration’s favoritism of illegal aliens over American citizens, calling it unmistakable and unconstitutional.

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