Arizona Auditors Uncover Deleted 2020 Election Directory

Arizona Auditors Uncover Deleted 2020 Election Directory

( – It’s been nearly six months since the 2020 presidential election, and questions still surround its legitimacy. Arizona’s Republican-led Senate ordered an audit of more than two million ballots from Maricopa Country, home to Phoenix.

Joe Biden reportedly won Maricopa County by nearly 50,000 votes. He won the state by a little more than 10,000 votes, making him the first Democrat to win there since Bill Clinton’s win there nearly 30 years ago.

Republicans theorize that if they can prove election fraud occurred in Maricopa County, they could establish that Trump actually won the state, not Biden. In turn, audits of other key counties in close states could find similar irregularities. If that turns out to be the case, it will prove once and for all that Donald Trump really did win the election as he’s been claiming since election night.

Auditors Discover Deleted Computer Directories

Auditors contracted to review the ballots and other election-related data dropped a major bomb on May 12. They posted a screenshot of a set of file directories from Maricopa County on their Twitter account. According to them, county officials “deleted a directory of election databases” from the election cycle a few days before delivering election equipment to the audit team. “This is spoliation,” or evidence tampering, they wrote.

Karen Fann, Arizona’s Republican Senate President, quickly sent a letter to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors demanding an explanation.

She explained they just discovered that someone had deleted an entire database from the “EMSPrimary” machine drive. She also reminded the board that the Senate’s election-related subpoena covers that directory.

Continuing, she said the deletion of that directory “suggests” that the primary database for the 2020 general election “has been removed.” She demanded to know why it was deleted and whether any backup of the system was run that might contain the missing data. She also requested that Board of Supervisor members meet with her sometime next week to resolve that and other alleged irregularities related to the ongoing audit.

It’s important that election officials nationwide clear up any issues surrounding alleged voter fraud and ballot count irregularities to restore faith in elections and prevent future problems.

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