Arizona Lawmaker to Subpoena Dominion Machines

Arizona Lawmaker to Subpoena Dominion Machines

( – Allegations of voting irregularities continue intensifying with President Trump’s campaign legal team seeking relief from the courts in several key battleground states and the Supreme Court. Dominion Voting Systems has come under increased scrutiny with the release of a report detailing a recent forensic audit on machines used in Antrim County, Michigan.

On December 14, Arizona State Senator Eddie Farnsworth (R-AZ) announced his intention to issue a subpoena Dominion machines used in Maricopa County, Arizona, during the recent election. Arizona Capitol Times reporter Julia Shumway posted a notice of the announcement on her Twitter account later that afternoon.

Phoenix radio station KJZZ reported Farnsworth’s announcement came after the Senate Judiciary Committee heard several hours of testimony regarding the recent presidential election. Farnsworth said he hoped the audit would restore confidence in the election results amid mounting evidence of ballot tampering and fraud.

With a statewide margin of only about 11,000 votes separating President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, it remains important to get to the bottom of any outstanding issues surrounding Arizona’s election.

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