Arrest Made in Connection With Sorority Girl Who Died

Arrest Made in Connection With Sorority Girl Who Died

Sorority Girl’s Mysterious Death – Arrest FINALLY Made!

( – On August 17, authorities responded to a call about an unresponsive female, Avery McMillan, 20. After attempting to revive her, first responders pronounced her dead. Police recently arrested a man connected with the young woman’s death.

Authorities with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department conducted a traffic stop which led to the arrest of Eric Montgomery, who has an extensive violent criminal history. Police arrested the man on charges of rape and supplying alcohol to a person under 21. The 33-year-old told authorities he met the victim in a parking garage in the early morning hours of August 17, where the two had sex before returning to his house.

The previous night, McMillan and her roommate attended a party, where she consumed too much alcohol, became combative, and decided not to return home with her companion, leaving her phone and house keys behind. Detectives reportedly told a local news station that security footage shows McMillan outside her apartment sometime later, trying to obtain entry.

Montgomery admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking weed with the victim, then heading to his home. The suspect claimed McMillan’s condition worsened, prompting him to call 911. Security footage showed the 33-year-old entering the parking garage and exiting nine minutes later, at which point the victim was no longer visible.

A medical examiner is still determining a cause of death. Authorities haven’t charged Montgomery with the young woman’s death, pending the medical examiner’s determination.

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