ATM User Defends Self With Lethal Force

( – Two men are dead in Texas after allegedly trying to rob a third man who was attempting to withdraw money out of an ATM. The July 7th incident took place in the early afternoon on San Antonio’s southside outside a Chase Bank.

Police are saying both of the alleged thieves, as well as the victim, were in their 20s. The deceased have been identified by authorities as Terrance Stevens and Mark Brooks III.

Authorities said the victim drove up beside the ATM to make a withdrawal. As he did so, the alleged perpetrators pulled up behind him in another car. At least one of the men then got out of the car and approached the man making the withdrawal.

Believing he was about to be robbed, the victim pulled out a handgun and engaged his attackers. Both men died close to the ATM in the bank parking lot, according to the police.

Chief William McManus did not indicate if the robbers were armed. McManus said at the time an interview of the man who shot the two suspects was in progress.

The Chief said that while things “could potentially change,” law enforcement is currently viewing the shooter as being a robbery victim. He was “acting in self-defense,” McManus said.

It is not known if the shooter was carrying a concealed handgun or if he was carrying the piece openly on his body, but permitless carry is allowed under Texas statutes. In June of 2021, Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law allowing residents of the state to carry a concealed weapon on their person wherever guns are not prohibited without having a CCL.

While the investigation is ongoing, San Antonio Police are saying they are treating the incident as a jugging. The crime is defined as a variety of theft in which perpetrators follow their victims to ATMs or banks and demand their money after threatening or assaulting them.

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