August 2023: Big Tech Censorship Is At It Again

( – If you thought that big tech censorship ended with the recent House Judiciary subpoenas, guess again. The infringement of First Amendment rights on an industrial scale is still very much alive and well. While the latest examples may leave you enraged, they should not leave you surprised.

Oligarchs in the tech industry have been working double shifts to keep you in the dark. Google appears to be engaging in its usual algorithm manipulation. The company has been accused of altering search results on Republican candidates prior to their recent primary debate. Google-owned YouTube recently began fact-checking videos posted on their platform, including those involving Vivek Ramaswamy.

Glenn Beck was removed from Apple Podcasts for apparently not toeing the line, though Apple insisted the issue was attached to a trademark dispute. The famous commentator has since had his status on the platform restored. The fact still remains that he was able to be shut down with the click of a button.

Self-professed pro-America anti-Communist James Lindsay of New Discourses had his Facebook-owned Instagram account censored after he posted what was deemed by the minions of Mark Zuckerberg to be an offensive meme about Greta Thunberg. The platform also flagged a Federalist post with “correct” fact-checking after the outfit reported on climate emissions.

Only one day before the GOP debate, Google delisted Republican candidates from their first page of search listings. Researchers did find that a query for “campaign websites” yielded that of President Joe Biden as the second result. The current frontrunner against Biden, Robert Kennedy, found himself removed from the results as well.

Google’s manipulation of current events should come as no surprise. It was recently uncovered by social media sleuths that a simple search for the term “can men menstruate” showed users that indeed they could. Searchers are hit with a first page full of nothing but confirmation articles and statements. The platform offers no discourse for the curious.

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