AZ Congressman Wants to Impeach Homeland Security Chief

( – Arizona’s Republican Congressman Andy Biggs is losing patience with Department of  Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over the DHS’ failure to stem millions of illegal immigrants entering the US through the Mexican border.

Now, Biggs has filed articles of impeachment against Mayorkas.

2022 was a record year for illegal immigration, with over 2 million recorded “encounters” with illegal immigrants. In December alone more than 250,000 tried to cross into the US.

Bigg’s articles of impeachment accuse Secretary Mayorkas of “reckless abandonment” of his responsibilities to secure the border, enforce immigration law, and uphold his Constitutional duty to do so.

Instead, Mayorkas has allowed “hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens” into the United States, the impeachment articles say. The Secretary does not have the legal option to simply release illegal aliens into the US simply because it wanted to end Trump-era border protocols.

The impeachment articles accuse Mayorkas of violating the Immigration and Nationality Act by releasing illegal immigrants. Biggs says the law requires the Secretary to detain them, not release them.

Biggs also accuses Mayorkas of failing to obey a 2006 law called the Secure Fence Act that requires DHS to effectively control border security and operations.

Biggs’ recent impeachment articles are not the only ones the DHS Secretary is facing. In January Texas Republic Pat Fallon introduced his own impeachment articles, accusing Mayorkas of knowingly slandering US border agents during a dustup in 2021 over Haitian immigrants.

Most major media ran a photograph of border agents on horseback rounding up Haitian immigrants trying to get across the border. Media characterized the agents as “whipping” the Haitians, in what many presumed was an attempt to persuade the public to associate the border security actions with slave patrols in the US before the Civil War.

The agents were not using whips on the fleeing migrants. 

The union for border patrol agents recently said it supported impeaching Mayorkas in order to focus attention on the border crisis.

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