AZ House Set to Probe Email Scandal

( – Big-tech censorship of free speech and conservative voices may be far more widespread than previously thought. Alleged acts of collusion between social media CEOs and leftist legislators have now filtered all the way down from the federal government to that of the individual states.

The Arizona House, which is controlled by Republicans in a narrow two-seat majority, is set to begin investigating allegations that the state’s Democratic governor colluded with executives at Twitter as part of a joint effort to see her political opponents and critics silenced during past election cycles.

Prior to the probe being announced, emails were released by a state accountability organization that appear to call into question Gov. Hobbs’s ability to remain impartial in matters of government. In August, Arizona Capitol Oversight released a trove of no less than 14 exchanges between Hobbs and social media outlets in which the politician was shown to request digital takedowns of her critics using her state government email account.

Some requests were granted and some were not. The genesis of one such request stemmed from a 2017 tweet in which the then-state senator referred to supporters of Donald Trump as neo-Nazis. That tweet sat largely harmless in the ether until 2020 when Hobbs had taken on the role of Secretary of State and had jurisdiction over Arizona elections.

Critics used the tweet as a means of asking if Hobbs was able to fulfill her role in an unbiased manner. She then reached out to Twitter support in an attempt to stifle voices who brought up the 2017 tweet but was unable to provide the platform with any evidence of her claims that members of the “alt-right” were harassing her.

Hobbs’ GOP opponents in the state are using her exchanges with social media behemoths to allege that her attempts at censorship equated with election interference. The conservative-led probe is ongoing and the first session was held on September 5th.

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