Bankman-Fried Allegedly Donated Millions to Dems

( – Those who assumed that Sam Bankman-Fried nefariously donated huge amounts of money to liberal politicians are now one step closer to vindication. The former CEO of FTX and crypto pioneer now faces charges that allege he fraudulently attempted to exceed donation limits and hide where those donations came from.

Federal prosecutors said on August 14th that 30-year-old Bankman-Fried gave more than $100 million in campaign contributions to both Democratic and Republican candidates prior to the 2022 midterm elections. The former CEO is also facing a litany of conspiracy and money laundering charges in addition to securities and commodities fraud.

SBF, as he is commonly known, is on record claiming his donation amounts to both parties were roughly equal, but nearly every report circulating amongst media outlets disputes this. Shortly after the collapse of FTX, SBF made the claim during an interview but added that his donations to the GOP “were dark” because he did not want liberal outlets to “freak” about any of his gifts to conservatives.

Time reported that SBF’s donations were almost exclusively to leftist organizations and Democratic lawmakers. One organization cited by the magazine placed Bankman-Fried behind only George Soros in terms of the scale of his donations. Based on the magazine’s reporting, it appears that most of SBF’s gifts to conservative legislators were made in an effort to influence crypto-friendly legislation.

The Wall Street Journal reported in October of 2021 that SBF gifted $5.2 million to the Biden campaign. The paper reported that the donation was the second-largest amount given to Biden’s presidential effort. Only Michael Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York, is reported to have given more.

Bankman-Fried had been free on $250 million bail, but a judge revoked his house-arrest status on August 11th after determining that the former crypto king had been attempting to tamper with witnesses in his case. SBF will remain in jail until his trial begins on October 2nd.

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