Bernie Sanders Sends Threat to Biden Over Deal

Bernie Sanders Sends Threat to Biden Over Deal

( – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is one of two Independents serving in the US Senate. Both caucus with Democrats, giving them the advantage of controlling 50 votes, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote, providing no one defects and votes with Republicans on a measure — which does happen on occasion. Sanders likes to throw his weight around when it comes to promoting his Progressive agenda.

For instance, on June 27, he posted a tweet threatening the bipartisan infrastructure bill announced by President Joe Biden last week. He wants a reconciliation bill providing funding to battle climate changes and social welfare programs for “working families” accompanying it.

Biden initially said he wouldn’t support signing the long-awaited compromise measure unless the Senate also passed a more comprehensive reconciliation package funding his Families Plan and other administration priorities like clean energy programs.

However, he walked back that statement a couple of days later, telling reporters he didn’t mean to create the impression he would veto the very plan his administration just agreed to with Republicans.

Sanders’ disappointment in Biden’s leadership is perfectly understandable. Republicans deal with it every day. However, Sanders should probably take a step back and consider that he represents only 1 voice out of 100 in the Senate. Perhaps it’s time for him to reconsider his decision to caucus exclusively with Democrats.

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