Bette Midler Shredded for Bigoted Attack

( – All hell broke loose after actress Bette Midler launched a bigoted Twitter attack against First Lady Melania Trump following her Republican Convention speech.

Film actress Bette Midler lashed out at the First Lady in a series of xenophobic tweets. She called Mrs. Trump a “bore,” an “illegal alien,” and criticized her English in an online tantrum lasting more than 15 hours.

As one might expect, the pushback was fierce with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) leading the response for Republicans. Speaking to Fox News, he firmly stated “hatred has no place in America.”

Several leading figures also rushed to the First Lady’s defense, including Breitbart News, British journalist Piers Morgan, award-winning journalist Trish Regan, among others.

Midler held her ground amid criticism for a while, tweeting midday that she gave the Trump administration a taste of their own “immigrant-bashing medicine.” Eventually, she relented and posted an apology.

However, the fact that she left all the offending tweets online speaks volumes.

For her part, Melania stayed out of the fray, focusing her attention on the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage on her Twitter account. 

Perhaps it’s time for someone to remind Ms. Midler about the First Lady’s Be Best campaign, which pushes back against online bullying. Perhaps. 

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