Biden Accidentally Reveals Top Secret Information

( – President Biden said the United States has depleted its supply of standard artillery rounds in NATO’s ongoing proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. He acknowledged America’s shocking lack of military readiness during a July 9 interview with Fareed Zakaria.

In his sit-down with the veteran broadcaster, Biden said that Ukraine has used their U.S.-supplied 155 mm rounds faster than they can be remanufactured. As to resupply, the President said the U.S. is “low on” inventory.

Upon a recommendation from the Department of Defense, Biden said he would authorize the delivery of so-called cluster munitions to the Ukrainians as a stopgap measure until more artillery can be produced.

One military expert said the delivery of cluster bombs is a sign the United States is now “running perilously low” on ammo stockpiles. He said his sources have informed him that at the current rate of remanufacturing, it will take at least a decade for the U.S. to resupply its weapon stocks. Ukraine’s depletion of American reserves could take as long as 15 years to remedy, he said.

Following the CNN special, social media reactions from both commoners and experts ranged from anger to confusion. Posters wondered aloud why the President would advertise a national ammunition shortage during a broadcast that America’s adversaries were sure to watch.

One commentator took to Twitter and asked if the President cared about the fact that the Chinese government would be listening to his interview with Zakaria. In his tweet, he called Biden a “moron.”

In response to the criticism the President received for his admission of low ammunition caches, one administration official said that the U.S. isn’t actually running out of ammunition. Rather, they said the U.S. is “running out of the ability” to get munitions into the hands of Ukrainians.

Because of potential civilian deaths, cluster munitions are banned for use in war by more than 100 countries.

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