Biden Admin Accused of Ignoring Child Trafficking

( – An immigration expert the SPLC once labeled as part of an “anti-immigrant hate group” has accused the Biden administration of intentionally ignoring a massive and ongoing child-trafficking operation at the U.S. border with Mexico.

Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy at the Center for Immigration Studies, testified to members of the House on July 19th that vast numbers of underage migrant children are being forced into lives of prostitution, gang membership, and domestic abuse.

Vaughan’s presentation to the Homeland Security Committee detailed how Unaccompanied Alien Children, or UACs, first arrive at the U.S. border via smugglers under the employ of drug cartels. From there, the UACs are taken into custody by agents from Homeland Security. After processing, the children are turned over to officials with Health and Human Services before being placed with sponsors around the country.

Vaughan told legislators that HHS officials are guilty of “looking the other way.” She cited examples of children “clearly” being handed over to criminals for reasons of exploitation.

Despite UACs still falling under the purview of HHS after being handed over to their sponsors, Vaughan told lawmakers there is “no supervision” and no effort to “follow up” with the minors. She said the Biden administration stopped performing background checks on sponsorship households and does not conduct home studies or financial assessments.

According to data from the HHS, about 340,000 UACs have crossed into the United States from Mexico during the first two years of the Biden Presidency. The Office of Refugee Resettlement within the HSS acknowledges losing contact with over 85,000 of those children during that period.

In April, Tara Lee Rodas testified to Congress that she had volunteered at an HHS intake site in California with the intent of aiding migrant children find suitable homes. Instead, the whistleblower claims she discovered a “sophisticated” pipeline of human smuggling. She accused the U.S. government of being a middleman for trafficking operations.

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