Biden Admin Fails to Hold Anyone Accountable for Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan

( – Texas Rep. Michael McCaul is slamming the White House for their unwillingness to hold anyone to account for the butchered withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan.

McCaul, the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, marked the second anniversary of the Taliban’s rise to power by reminding voters in a statement that their President has still failed to “take responsibility” for his “disaster.”

The Republican referred to the events at Kabul Airport as a “catastrophe” that resulted from Biden ignoring the “dire warnings” of on-ground diplomats and his military leadership. McCaul said the President refuses to both “take responsibility” and to acknowledge the operation “as a failure.” He went on to say that the lack of accountability will be ending “in this Congress.”

The Biden administration has continued to pour some $2.3 billion in taxpayer-funded humanitarian aid into Afghanistan despite the U.S. military no longer being in the country. On August 13th, McCaul threatened to cut off the source of these funds until “some assurances” are provided that verify the money is not ending up in Taliban coffers.

McCaul’s statement was in response to a report from Special Inspector General John Sopko, the U.S. official who oversees reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. Sopko said the U.S. government has continued to make attempts at supporting the Afghan civilian population without having that money co-opted by the Taliban regime.

The Inspector General indicated that despite American efforts, the Islamic radicals are “using various methods” to siphon off humanitarian funding. Sopko told lawmakers in April of 2023 that he was unable to assure American taxpayers that they “are not currently funding” the Islamic regime.

While the Biden administration has not singled anyone out from within their own ranks as being responsible for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, they have leveled blame on outsiders. In April, the White House blamed President Trump for creating the “conditions” that led to the current administration’s failures.

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