Biden Admin Has Added Illegal Population the Size of TWO States

( – California Rep. Tom McClintock told President Joe Biden’s DHS Secretary that the number of migrants who have crossed the border during his tenure is equal to the number of combined citizens in Hawaii and Nebraska.

The Republican made the statements during a July 26th hearing for the House Judiciary Committee and asked the Biden appointee if he felt there should be a lid on the number of illegal immigrants allowed into the country.

Mayorkas chose not to address McClintock’s question directly and instead told the congressman that the DHS was in the business of enforcing laws passed by Congress.

McClintock responded by telling Mayorkas that his agency has added millions of illegal migrants to the U.S. population over the last two-and-a-half years. The Rep. cited a recent study that estimates the total number of illegal aliens in the United States to be almost 17 million.

That same study estimates that those residing here illegally cost the American taxpayer at least $163 billion annually in entitlements, benefits, and social services. It also estimates that by 2026 the annual cost to taxpayers will climb beyond $200 billion if the DHS allows illegal immigration to continue at its current rate.

The California Rep. further pointed out to Mayorkas that he had “already” allowed over “2.1 million” illegals into the U.S. since becoming the DHS Secretary. McClintock equated the number to the population of Nebraska and then added that an additional 1.5 million undocumented “known gotaways” have crossed the border.

The legislator compared that number with the size of Hawaii and again asked Mayorkas if there should be a limit on the number of migrants allowed in. Mayorkas again declined to answer McClintock’s question.

A recent video taken at the southern border and posted to Twitter shows migrants from places other than Central America preparing to cross. Senegalese, Mauritanian, Ghanans, Pakistanis, and Indians all identify their nationalities to the cameraman.

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